Filing Bankruptcy Without an Attorney

At Cohen and Cohen we encounter a lot of interest from potential clients in filing their own Colorado bankruptcy “pro se.” You can do it. In fact there are some instances where there are not any problems. But we cannot stress enough why filing on your own is a bad idea for several reasons:

  • Making a mistake in your bankruptcy filing, as opposed to filing bankruptcy correctly, can become very expensive to fix and may result in losing assets, such as your tax refund. We have seen people lose their homes, stocks, inheritance, and any number of items that cost much more than an attorney.
  • Using a local Colorado bankruptcy attorney allows you to receive specific Colorado Bankruptcy advice, which is right for your individual situation. This protects your from generic bankruptcy forms, complicated “how to” instruction manuals, and unreliable “how to file bankruptcy” advice from internet forums.
  • Filing bankruptcy is not easy; there are multiple forms and legal requirements and you should have it done by a professional. Saving the time, hassle, and risk of losing assets makes filing with a bankruptcy lawyer worth the investment.
  • The forms, software, and workbooks we have encountered require you to make judgment calls. Experienced bankruptcy attorneys have seen many people lose assets and suffer needlessly from poor decisions. Problems are more difficult and expensive to fix after filing, than avoiding the issue completely in the beginning.
  • It is very important, especially for people expecting tax refunds or personal injury settlements, that the money they received is spent correctly before filing or properly protected. Getting the assistance of an attorney, to make sure this is done right, is the conservative choice to make. Losing your tax refund or injury settlement can be devastating.
  • Finally, if you’re anxious or concerned for any reason, it’s much easier to have your lawyer available with help and answers than to be stranded on your own in the middle of a confusing situation.

You will have a far easier time with less risk if you file bankruptcy using an experienced Colorado bankruptcy attorney. Have an attorney available to advise you from the start and avoid common pitfalls and unnecessary risks. Your next step is to find a Colorado bankruptcy attorney you would like to work with. Keep reading for our 3 tips on finding the right attorney for you.

Finding the Right Colorado Bankruptcy Attorney

Not just any attorney can capably handle a bankruptcy. Your attorney should be an experienced Colorado bankruptcy lawyer.

Here are three quick tips we have come-up with to help you find a bankruptcy attorney:

  • TIP #1: Look for an attorney who will provide you with a quote for bankruptcy services that is clear, defines the services covered, and discusses any optional services you may need. For example, you may want to sell your home while the bankruptcy is still open and you may need the court to allow the sale. Find out if all the services you may need are included.
  • TIP #2: Take the time to hire the attorney you feel most comfortable with and who shows interest in building a long term relationship. A bankruptcy case will last a minimum of 90 days plus the time it takes to prepare your documents before filing. You need to involve yourself with an attorney and law firm that will support you however long your case takes.
  • TIP #3: Find an attorney who can handle complex matters, including bankruptcy litigation. The ideal bankruptcy attorney can handle any bankruptcy matter in order to ensure your bankruptcy goes through successfully and smoothly. You do not want to find yourself with a complex bankruptcy issue after filing and an attorney who does not have the experience to help.

Taking the Next Step

Are you ready to find a bankruptcy attorney who will provide you with the advice and guidance you need for your case to precede smoothly? Then the next step is to meet with one of the Colorado bankruptcy attorneys at Cohen and Cohen to review your matter.

Our bankruptcy attorneys provide professional bankruptcy representation and are here to make the process as easy and painless as possible.

Speak to the Colorado bankruptcy attorneys at Cohen and Cohen to see how our experience helping individuals and business owners file for bankruptcy can help you.

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