Why We Help People File for Bankruptcy

Our typical client is someone who needs help.

When you’ve reached the point of not having enough money to pay, it’s really scary. It’s frightening for people. They don’t understand what their options are.

Bankruptcy is designed for a fresh start. It’s designed for somebody who needs to handle their debts, to stop a garnishment, to get the bankruptcy protection.

By the time people come to see us, they’re beat up. You know, their creditors are calling them. They’re getting harassed. You know, creditors aren’t your friends, they’re trying to get money from you. People want to pay, they just can’t. And that’s why bankruptcy exists.

Debt is hard on people. It’s like the proverbial frog in boiling water, is that you don’t know how hard it is on you until you’re at the boiling point. It’s like weight on the shoulders, and it just keeps stacking up and stacking up and stacking up, and it affects every aspect of someone’s life.

People are so grateful when they realize that there is light at the end of the tunnel, that there is relief, that legal relief can be accorded to them. It’s a really good thing for them. A lot of people, they come in to see us, and they’re embarrassed, for any number of reasons, and typically the embarrassment that they feel is misplaced. We’re not here to judge our clients. We’re here to help our clients. Really, I mean, that’s why I went to law school. I went to law school to help people and to use my powers for good, so to speak. But no, I went to law school to help people, and I enjoy helping people.