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We work with Chapter 7, 11, & 13 bankruptcy in Denver and statewide in Colorado, including business, medical, Colorado real-estate law, and credit card bankruptcies. The fundamental goal of bankruptcy is to provide the honest debtor with a “fresh start.” Most people who file bankruptcy in Coloradodo so due to medical bills, disruption in income, and divorce. Bankruptcy is a unique field of law which changed drastically in October 2005. It has separate courts, judges, rules, and statutes. If you have questions about bankruptcy we invite you to click on the link below to learn more or call us today.

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Family Law

We work with people who need assistance with divorce in Colorado, custody disputes (i.e., Parenting Time), grand parent visitation rights, Colorado child support, and more. Colorado has gone to great effort to ensure that domestic issues are handled in such a manner as to be as conflict free as possible. The system is designed to help mitigate unreasonable behavior and ensure that all parties in interest are treated as fairly as possible. However, domestic issues are usually very emotional. As a consequence some parties (and even attorneys) will be abusive and try to restrict the equitable application of your rights. If this is the case then it may be necessary to respond in kind and assert your rights in court.

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Bankruptcy Litigation

Bankruptcy by itself is a niche and specialized practice area.  Bankruptcy litigation even more so.  We have heard many lawyers describe the Bankruptcy Court as its own little fiefdom.  It is a division of the Federal District Court, it has its own judges, it uses the District Court rules (except when it doesn’t), its own clerks, its own building, its own filing system, and so on.  Of course there are many similarities between traditional litigation and bankruptcy litigation.  However oftentimes even competent experienced state court litigation counsel gets tripped up with the special rules and unique area of bankruptcy law.  There are few who can practice bankruptcy litigation, there are even fewer who can do it well.  Give us a call.

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General Litigation

Cohen & Cohen, P.C., has over 30 years of cumulative experience. In that time we have handled just about every type of legal issue ranging from appeals to small claims. Just when we think we have seen it all, we learn that we haven’t. As a Denver Law Firm, we are equipped to handle most of your legal needs from Colorado real estate, Colorado corporations, Colorado estate planning, contract disputes, mediation, and more.

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Attorney Debt Settlement

Excessive debt is stressful, it is a weight which cannot be lifted without action, it weighs down families, and is overwhelming. We get it and we understand. As part of our commitment to providing comprehensive solutions to individual needs, we also provide legal services for attorney debt settlement. Unlike the traditional debt settlement company, our professional debt settlement attorney’s use their knowledge, training, and experience to settle our clients’ debts. Most importantly however is that as Denver attorneys we can give our clients legal advice which others simply are not legally permitted to do. Moreover consistent with our commitment to honesty and integrity the entire debt settlement process is open, operated and supervised by our experienced attorneys. Our clients meet with the attorneys face to face. We will put together an individual settlement strategy based on the clients’ actual fact pattern, the law, and always consider the unique legal situation as opposed to a one size fits all approach.

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