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  • – United States Bankruptcy Court for the District of Colorado. This is the heart of Bankruptcy in Colorado. You fill find local rules and forms in addition to a slew of other extremely useful information. Check back often, it is updated frequently.
  • – The National Association of Bankruptcy Attorneys. This website is an invaluable resource to bankruptcy attorneys and should not be overlooked by consumers and business interested in seeking relief under the bankruptcy code.
  • – The American Bankruptcy Institute.
  • – The Faculty of Federal Advocates. The FFA can help individuals defend bankruptcy adversary proceedings, pro bono!
  • – Interactive Bankruptcy Code and Rules.
  • – Student loans are generally non-dischargeable in bankruptcy (but they might be if you have a hardship), click this link for Student Loan Borrower Assistance.
  • – The IRS Collection Process. Taxes and bankruptcy is a complicated issue, some taxes are dischargeable and some are not. But if you are curious as to the IRS’ collection process click here for their publication.

Consumer Law/Litigation

  • – The National Association of Consumer Attorneys. Again, a critical tool for consumer rights attorneys used to protect consumers rights. An excellent site to begin with for consumers seeking advice and information regarding their rights. (see link to Consumer law section of website)
  • – Colorado Attorney General. Research and report abusive credit companies.
  • – A usefull website for consumer issues.
  •– Learn more about telespoofing and how collectors will change the caller ID when calling you. This may result in legal liability.

Family Law

General Litigation/General Law